Certified FAA Repair Station MN5R047N
EASA 145.5432 Accepted Organization



The NASI PACK Flow Control System (FCS) is a passive air-to-air treatment of cabin pressurization air for improved pressurization system reliability. All existing temp controls, ram air inlet, exit doors and heat exchanger operating as originally designed with improved airflow, reliability, range of temperature output and economy. The NASI PACK FCS is installed with couplers and clamps, no part modification.

  1. Rotables removed are usable on PACKs 2 & 3, instant spares inventory worth three times the NASI PACK FCS cost.
  2. Reliability is improved. The NASI PACK FCS System components last a lifetime without failure. Improved reliability with reduced collaterally damaged, degraded or impacted components. For example:
    • Extended heat exchanger life (with NASI the secondary side of the heat exchanger operating temperature is 200-300 F cooler).
    • Ram air exit door louvers do not seize from high temperature compressor exhaust.
    • No pie valves to ingest through an ACM or into a heat exchanger.
  3. Improved reliability with, reduced load on the APU.
    • In hot climate #2 & #3 ACM’s operate more efficient with a reduced load on the APU.
  4. Weight reduction. (Weight reduction is fuel savings.)



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