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The NASI Flight Deck Security Cockpit Door

    The attacks of 9/11 have forever changed the priorities of the aviation community. With aircraft security now a top priority at both the federal and corporate levels, and consumer confidence in airlines and air transport in general faltering, it has become vital to address the vulnerabilities which might allow someone or a group of people to use aircraft as weapons once again. Among the innovations sparked by this concern is the NASI Cockpit Security Door. Our modified cockpit door provides an innovative approach to securing the crew and controls from potential threats. See the link below for more regarding this particular system.


Our National Security Doors

    There has been a growing concern in recent years to ensure the safety of aircraft from being used in the commission of terrorism, and 9/11 showed us in graphic detail that some are willing to use airplanes as weapons against the United States. As a result, many modifications are being made to aircraft to ensure that the risk of an event such as 9/11 will be greatly reduced. At the forefront of all these modifications, you will find National Aircraft Service's Cockpit Security Door.

    Under the broader heading of "Flight Deck Security", there are three separate projects at NASI, one for each plane into which the doors shall be installed- the DC-8, the Boeing 727, and the Airbus 300/310 series. These types of planes are among the most common currently in service as cargo liners, so it is only natural that these planes would be the first to employ the NASI Cockpit Door. Cargo carriers are particularly concerned about the safety of their crews as they are typically the only people on the aircraft, and many carriers are seeing the value in having a reinforced door to protect their crews from unauthorized access to the cockpit.

    These doors offer the latest technology with regards to the deterrence of potential terror threats, taking into consideration both typical and not so typical ways in which a terrorist might attempt to gain control of an aircraft. Thoroughly tested against many sorts of entry attempts, the NASI Cockpit Door is designed to withstand even the most violent attacks.



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